“My favorite things about working with Erika is the amazing transformation that happens within the room during her workshops. Parents come in somewhat fearful of sharing and being judged and then a wonderful thing happens! They start to understand they are not alone and Erika really inspires participation and sharing in a way that really allows parents to let their guard down and discuss issues we all have raising children. She provides incredible insight and point of view without judgement. Erika's tools are priceless to any parents and the workshops are a wonderful value added to any child related business.”

Joanne McCormick (Nelson)
   Parent, Think Tank, Publisher, Event Coordinator

“Erika has the heart of a champion. Her passion and drive to make a positive difference in the lives of every family that she works with makes her unique. She is highly organized and motivated to see families live a more peaceful and happy life with better relationships. Thank you for all you do Erika!” 

Bonnie and Thomas Liotta
   Parent, Founder/Visionary - CCFL Global Academy

“Erika co-facilitated a training with me in the field of education. She was very knowledgeable, insightful, and professional. She is a wonderful parent coach.”

Jill Vetstein LICSW, MSW, CEIS
   Parent, Parent Coach, Early Childhood Educator PDP/CEU Trainer, Owner and
   Founder of Nurturing Parents and Teachers

“Erika is a wonderful resource to families who need guidance and expert advice. She is very personable and easy to talk to. She truly cares and wants to help families.”

–Ellen Lederer-DeFrancesco, Ed.D.
   Parent, Editor and Publisher at Macaroni Kid Long Beach-Oceanside

“I cannot recommend Erika Stroh strongly enough for anyone who is passionate about parenting and creating close, connected relationships to their children. Erika is not only well-educated and clearly an expert in the field of parenting and child development, I also found her to be compassionate and intuitive. She knew how to offer advice and loving support combined. She is articulate, intelligent and enthusiastic about helping families raise happy, healthy kids. Erika is an amazing coach but also an amazing speaker and educator with a huge heart for families.” 

Minette Riordan, Ph.D., CPC
Business Strategy & Marketing Coach

“Erika is a pleasure to work with. She's buttoned up, creative and supportive. One strong skill I would point to is active listening. Her talent in this area is critical to her role as parenting coach. I would highly recommend working with Erika if you are looking for parenting support regardless of the ages of your children. She's able to access the situation and come up with tangible strategies.” 

Megan Sullivan
   Parent, Northeast Regional Sales Director at BabyCenter

“I had the pleasure of attending one of Erika Stroh’s workshops on Parenting and was most impressed with her knowledge, experience and ability to inspire, inform and motivate others to be better parents. I left with a better understanding of my role, responsibility and the unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of my children and grandchildren so that they can all grow-up in a safe loving environment to enjoy life and realize their full potential.

–Dick Lopez
   Parent, Grandparent, Independent Graphic Design Professional

“Erika is a passionate and articulate speaker who offered a fresh perspective on parenting at a Thrive Workplace Wellness event.”

–MaryAnn Jones
   Parent, Owner & Founder of Thrive Naturally

“I had the pleasure of hiring Erika to be a freelance writer for Long Island Parent magazine. She wrote thoughtful and informative articles for my Growing Years columns, which provided guidance to parents about age-relevant issues. She was also a participant in my Special Needs Family Fair, so I was able to observe first-hand how she compassionately worked with parents to guide them through their unique parenting circum-stances. Erika is a parenting specialist who garners parents' respect and ultimately their gratitude as she helps them to cope with typical and atypical parenting issues.”

–Liza Burby
   Parent, Project-based Management/Editor/Journalist/Author

“Erika is committed to making the lives of families healthy and filled with ongoing learning and experience to grow each day.”

–Marta Kazandjian-Ranaldo
   Parent, Speech Pathologist/ Board Certified Swallowing Specialist, Author, Health and Wellness Educator

“Erika is an experienced workshop presenter who has a passion for promoting positive listening and communication skills that helps parents understand how those skills contribute to the development of strong family relationships.”

–Karen Horowitz
   Parent, Grandparent, Director at Parenting Resource Network

Erika has been invaluable in helping to increase my overall parenting skills, especially in communication and awareness. Her observations are eye-opening, and her suggestions are right on target. Parenting is a journey, and Erika certainly helps to smooth the bumps in the road.”

–Leslie Price
   Parent, Founder and Owner, In Any Event

“Erika is a warm and caring person. She has a great personality and is kind and full of great insight. She will be a great asset to anyone that hires her.”

–Lorena Clark
   Parent, Global Wellness and Nutritional Consultant

“Erika did a wonderful job presenting a webinar to NAMC members. It was wonderfully received. She has a terrific style - presenting in a real and authentic way that parents can connect to. We look forward to having her return in the future.”

–Lisa Kaplan-Miller
   Parent, Program Director at National Association of Mothers Centers

"As co-leader of the Holistic Mom’s Network of Huntington I cannot say enough about Erika Stroh’s gift to the parenting community. After only 5 minutes of attending her workshop it was apparent that Erika not only walks her talk with her own family but that she is making a huge impact on future generations! Her inquisitive, open minded and nurturing way of talking to both adults and kids in this world of go, go, go is priceless. I would recommend her services hands down to anyone looking to deepen their relationship with their kids and themselves."

Jenn Edden
Parent, Co-Leader Holistic Mom’s Network Huntington

"I cannot thank God enough for placing Erika in my life at the most perfect time ! We've been working together for nearly two years since my son was three years old.  She is truly an answer to months of prayer. I appreciate her wisdom and perspective, support and guidance along this amazing journey.  It took a whole lot of time, energy, mindfulness, patience and love to get to the place where I am today.  Definitely worth it because my son and I have both grown tremendously throughout the process!"

- Kristine Jacobson
  Parent, Former Special Education Teacher
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