Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching Sessions are
 designed to offer parents professional support and gentle guidance while they are preparing for the birth of their first child and/or raising children of all ages at all stages.  Erika's personalized, holistic approach to coaching helps moms and dads, individually, as a couple or together with their kids, to  develop a realistic vision for their unique family. She will offer inspiration, insights and strategies designed to strengthen family relationships, create positive approaches to discipline, improve listening, communicating, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills, encourage cooperation, cultivate emotional intelligence, integrate mindfulness, compassion and mutual respect.

A shift in mindset will occur and encourage optimism and positive energy to flow while heightening awareness of your own core temperament, set of values, beliefs and patterns from the past, in a casual, safe and non-judgmental manner.  This process takes time and dedication, patience and persistence. Progress is gradual and requires effort and action!

Parenthood is a life-changing journey. You don't have to have all the answers or do it alone!

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