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Who can benefit?  Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Nannies, Caregivers, Teachers, Child Care Professionals, Athletic Coaches  (anyone who works with children)

What to expect?  A group of parents, educators, caregivers or child/health care professionals come together to learn & support one another,  share common concerns, challenges & issues relating to parenting, raising children of all ages, family dynamics & relationships, positive discipline, listening/communication, cooperation, child behavior & developmental stages, peer pressure, bullying, outside influences/technology, emotional health & physical development at all ages & stages  of life.
Participants can engage, observe & listen while learning about a particular topic, ask relevant questions & share constructive feedback with the group. All workshops are designed to create a safe, friendly, non-judgmental & inspirational environment. Participants will gain confidence, competence, helpful insights, new perspectives & approaches to parenting along with practical techniques, tips & tools to support a more mindful, conscious & whole child style of parenting.

How many participants in a group?  Group size may vary. Minimum of five. 
Where are workshops located?  Workshops can be held in a private home, PTA/SEPTA meetings, schools, camps, libraries, community centers, child care & health care facilities, corporate workplace (lunchtime seminars) or designated public location (restaurant space can be reserved).

What are the fees?  Fees vary depending on time frame, size of group & location. *Ask about a special option  for children's learning & activity centers.  Support materials are included.  Marketing is shared. Child care may be provided (depending on venue staff/availability) for an additional fee. 

How to Schedule:  Workshops are scheduled (ideally) 3-4 weeks in advance & based on availability. Offered during daytime & evening, weekday & weekend. They can run weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time only.  *Deposit is required to secure workshop date & time. *Cancellation fees may apply - 50% fee for workshops canceled less than 48 hours of scheduled date.
Click BELOW for workshop topics OR create your own!

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Contact Erika at 516-647-0323 or for more information.


Becoming The Parent You Want To Be
Parenting Support & Discussion Series

        Join us for casual, inspiring, engaging, honest & enlightening discussions!

●  Gain professional support, insights, helpful strategies & tips on parenting kids of all ages. 
●  Learn new approaches to discipline & handling specific parenting challenges
●  Empower yourself & your children with positive listening & communication skills. 
●   Understand your child’s behavior, perspective & emotional stages of development.
● Strengthen family relationships & encourage cooperation, compassion & connection. 
● Meet other open-minded parents to share feelings, frustrations & personal parenting experiences. 
● Self-reflection & awareness relevant to exploring patterns from our past that block us from becoming the
    parent we can be in the present.  Time to break the cycles from past generations & create new traditions!

   Wednesdays @ 11:00-12:30 on the following dates:  3/11, 3/18, 3/25, 4/1
                    Le Play Café
...2465 Merrick Road, Bellmore, NY 11710

                              Light Refreshments & Child Care Included!

                                CALL to Register : 516-308-7053

                           Investment: $100  *Advance registration ONLY!
    *Walk-Ins welcome if space is available...$120 when registering at the door.


Call & email Erika about speaking engagements or facilitating a...
 support/discussion group at...your school, camp, club, PTA, library, community center, healthcare center, child care center workplace or a private group of family, neighbors or friends!

"Be the Best Parent You Can Be"

 Parents - YOU are the greatest influence in your child’s life!  Create an engaging, enlightening & inspiring conversation with other like-minded parents. Gain confidence, new perspectives, strategies & approaches!  Topics may include:
* Becoming a Family - Evolving Naturally  *Alternatives to Spanking & Punishment

* Building Character & Resiliency * Outside Influences/Technology  

*Family Values & Traditions   *
Balancing Needs in a Family   *Self Care is NOT Selfish

* Discipline & Consequences   * Emotional Intelligence    
* Resolving Conflicts Peacefully

Parents as Partners - Roles & Resposibilities   * Family Dynamics & Relationships
* Fear of Failure/Perfectionism   
* Unconditional Love & Parenting
* Cooperation & Mutual Respect 
* Life Lessons Through Literature 

* Sports Teams & Your Child   * Friendships, Social Skills & Peer Pressure

* Understanding the Changing Culture & Stages of Development from Toddler to Teens

*  Bullying - At Home & School       * Siblings Without Rivalry    
*  Advocate for Your Child

* How to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen so Kids Will Talk  (for Teens too!)


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