Who will benefit?  All expecting  and new parents,  mothers and fathers, grandparents, nannies, caregivers, teachers, coaches, child care and health care professionals. 

What to expect?  A group of people come together to learn and grow while supporting one another. Erika will present and/or facilitate a discussion on a chosen topic of interest. She will foster positive interactions among participants and perhaps lead activities that will enhance learning.  
Like-minded attendees may choose to share common concerns, challenges and issues related to parenthood,  relationships, communication, conflict resolution, nurturing toddlers, adolescents and teens,  social/emotional health and wellness, family life,  healthy growth and development at all ages and stages.  Participants are encouraged to speak honestly and listen with an open mind. Time is given for Q&A.  All workshops/presentations are designed to create a safe, friendly, non-judgmental learning environment. People leave feeling calm, confident and inspired.  

How many participants in a group?  Group sizes vary. Minimum is five.  

Where are workshops located?  Workshops can be held in a private home, PTA/SEPTA meetings, schools, camps, libraries, wellness and community centers, child care facilities, corporate workplace and designated public venue.

What are the fees?  Fees vary, depends on time, size of group and location. *Special option for enrichment centers with staff for child care.  Support materials are included.  Marketing is shared. Travel expenses may apply.  

How to Schedule:  Workshops are scheduled (ideally) 3-4 weeks in advance based on availability. Offered during day and evening, weekday and weekend. Sessions can run weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time only.  *Deposit is required to secure workshop date & time. *Cancellation fees may apply - 50% fee for workshops canceled less than 48 hours of scheduled date.
Click BELOW for workshop topics OR create your own!

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Contact Erika at 516-647-0323 or  Erika@parentfromtheheart.com for scheduling.



Planting Seeds - Building A Nest - Growing Your Family

A Workshop Series for New & Expecting Parents

Mondays 7:30 - 9:00 pm on July 18 & 25 

  • There are resources and support services for pregnancy and birth, but there's a gap in preparing couples for the transition to parenthood... and beyond.   

  • With high rates of mental and emotional disorders in new mothers and fathers, relationship distress and breakdown of families, we must be more proactive!

  • Although having a baby can be filled with abundant joys, the truth is that parenthood brings a great deal of change, uncertainty and some unexpected challenges for parents.

  • The first few years of family life can be quite confusing, chaotic and overwhelming.

  • Professional support will help to increase your confidence, awareness and understanding of the natural evolution that occurs in all relationships, as your time, energy and priorities shift.

  • Gain tools in positive communication, conflict resolution and ability to cope with emotions.

Investment:  $75 individuals - $125 couples

Revolution Yoga -  7 North Village Avenue, Rockville Centre, NY 11570



                     Keeping The Balance After Baby

All couples go through a transition after their baby is born. This amazing experience is life-altering for both mothers and fathers, and relationships often evolve and grow during this period. However, most couples are unprepared for the complexities and demands of parenting, accompanied by sleep disruptions, hormonal shifts, and strains on emotional, physical and financial resources, that can create stress and disconnect in relationships.

Good news! This workshop will guide you in learning the skills necessary to achieve more balance and joy in your family relationships. We’ll cover the following topics during our time together:

         ● Exploring different types of conflict and ways to resolve them calmly and peacefully.

         ● Converting arguments into productive and compassionate dialogue.

         ● Clarifying roles and responsibilities in the home and in parenting.

         ● Active listening and communicating effectively.

         ● Developing a safe and secure emotional space for babies and children.

Please register online here.

*It is suggested to attend as a couple, if possible.

                    Wild Was Mama,  272 Driggs Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11222

   Parenting Adolescents and Teens...Our Job Just Got A Bit Tougher!

                                     Mondays, April 4, 11, 18 from 7:30-8:30pm

This new location is ideal for a small group of moms and dads who are parenting kids between the ages of 10-15.  Our weekly discussions will focus on understanding this stage of development while the addressing challenges that both parents and their kids typically face during the middle school years.  

It's quite reassuring to learn that you are not alone with your frustrations, questions and concerns, as the parent of a tween/teen.  You'll also gain helpful insights, tips and tools for handling conflicts more peacefully, listening and communicating more effectively, setting healthy boundaries while creating mutually respectful and cooperative family relationships.
        Location:  Pure and Simple Health, 128 Long Beach Road, Rockville Centre, NY. 11570

              Investment for series of 3 sessions:  $95  *(couples discount = $175)
            Call Erika at 516.647.0323 to
REGISTER in advance.


                    Be The Best Parent You Can Be

                       Wednesdays on May 4, 11, 18, 25   at 7:00 - 8:30pm

This course is designed for moms and dads raising toddlers and teens who would like to feel more confident and competent in their approach to parenting.  Classes will focus on learning essential skills in listening and communication, preventing and resolving conflicts, encouraging cooperation and compassion, positive discipline and developing mutually respectful family relationships.

Parents have a great responsibility to provide their children with loving support, gentle guidance and emotional connection.  Nurturing yourself and your family is not an easy task!  Join us to gain some new tips, tools and techniques.

                              Click HERE to REGISTER!

    Location:  South Side High School,  140 Shepherd Street,  Rockville Centre, NY 11570

 Would you like to book Erika for a speaking engagement? She'll gladly travel to your location at a mutually agreed upon day/ time. Simply choose a topic from the list below OR create a custom designed presentation for your school event, PTA/SEPTA, public library, community center, wellness center, child care facility, workplace, private organization or local parent group. Erika will also assist you in gathering family members, neighbors and/or friends at a private home or public venue.

         * Building a Nest...Growing a Family   *Transitioning to Parenthood

* Building Character & Resiliency * Outside Influences & Peer Pressure  

     * Family Values & Traditions   * Keeping Balance After Baby
   *Self Care is NOT Selfish

        * Positive Discipline & Natural Consequences       *Healthy Habits & Food Choices

   * Resolve Conflicts Peacefully     *Alternatives to Punishment     * Emotional Intelligence   

Parents as Partners... Roles & Resposibilities   * Developing Healthy Family Relationships
    * Fear of Failure/Perfectionism   
* Unconditional Love & Parenting  *Moral Intelligence
  * Cooperation & Mutual Respect 
* Life Lessons & Literature  *Divorce & Single Parents

     * Sports Teams & Your Child   * Social/ Emotional Life Skills   *Trauma in Childhood

  * Understanding Your Child's Stages of Growth & Development   *Responsible Pet Care

*  Bullying...At Home & School       * Siblings Without Rivalry    
*  Advocate for Your Child

          * Learn to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen so Kids Will Talk  (for Teens too!)


       Join my growing group for Long Island parents only...
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                              Parent From The Heart...Growing a Family.


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