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Who can benefit?  Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Nannies, Caregivers, Teachers, Child Care Professionals, Athletic Coaches  (anyone who works with children)

What to expect?  A group of parents, educators, caregivers or child/health care professionals come together to learn & support one another,  share common concerns, challenges & issues relating to parenting, raising children of all ages, family dynamics & relationships, positive discipline, listening/communication, cooperation, child behavior & developmental stages, peer pressure, bullying, outside influences/technology, emotional health & physical development at all ages & stages  of life.
Participants can engage, observe & listen while learning about a particular topic, ask relevant questions & share constructive feedback with the group. All workshops are designed to create a safe, friendly, non-judgmental & inspirational environment. Participants will gain confidence, competence, helpful insights, new perspectives & approaches to parenting along with practical techniques, tips & tools to support a more mindful, conscious & whole child style of parenting.

How many participants in a group?  Group size may vary. Minimum of five. 
Where are workshops located?  Workshops can be held in a private home, (PTA) school, camp, library, community center, child care or health care facility, corporate workplace or designated public location (restaurant space can be reserved upon request).

What are the fees?  Fees vary depending on time frame, size of group & location of venue. The minimum fee is $150 for a 1-hour group workshop. *Ask about a special option  for family-friendly venues offering child care.  Support materials are included.  Marketing is shared. Child care may be provided (depending on venue availability) for an additional fee. 

How to Schedule:  Workshops are scheduled (ideally) 4 weeks in advance & based on availability. Offered during daytime & evening, weekday & weekend. They can run weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time only.  *Deposit is required to secure workshop date & time. *Cancellation fees may apply - 50% fee for workshops canceled less than 48 hours of scheduled date.
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Contact Erika at 516-647-0323 or for more information.


     Effective Communication Workshop for Parents                                   

 Tools & Techniques for Raising Kids & Teens

 Kids don’t come with instructions.  We understand that. That’s why…   

 Erika Stroh, MA, Founder of Parent From The Heart  &

          Januarie Scorcesse, CLC, Founder of Life’s Crusade

 Have teamed up together to offer you some practical tips, tools & techniques. Learn how to improve communication & strengthen your relationship!

 It takes a village to raise a family.   You don’t have to do it alone!

 Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014 at 7-9pm

  International Delight Café, 241 Sunrise Hwy.

Rockville Centre, NY 11570

 $40 Fee Includes Workshop, Dinner & Coffee/Tea

Advanced Registration Required by: Nov. 21
                                 Call to Reserve Your Seat: 516-304-1591                                       

This Fall...A Parenting Support & Discussion Series!


Join other like minded moms & dads for a series of casual, inspiring, honest & enlightening discussions
that will surely benefit your whole family!

●  Gain professional support, insights, helpful strategies & tips on parenting kids of all ages.  Focus on being proactive & increase mindfulness.
●  Learn new approaches to discipline & handling specific parenting challenges

●  Empower yourself & your children with positive listening & communication skills.  This includes preventing unnecessary conflicts & drama.

●   Understand your child’s behavior, perspective & emotional development.

● Strengthen family relationships through cooperation, compassion & connection.  This includes siblings, grandparents, spouse, parent/child.

● Connect with other like-minded, open-minded parents, share feelings, frustrations & personal experiences.  It takes a village...let's help one another!

 ● Self-reflection & awareness relevant to the patterns from our past that block us from becoming the BEST parents we can be to our children each day in the present!

 Classes will be held from 10:15-11:15am on the following Wednesdays, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29.


Investment: $20
per class  -  $100 per series (SAVE $20!)
*Register with a friend & you'll BOTH get $10 off!

* Child Care Available     * Light Refreshments Served.  * Stay & play after the class for FREE! 

Location:  Once Upon A Treetop, 151 Dupont Street, Plainview, NY 11803 


Call & email Erika about speaking engagements or facilitating a...
 support/discussion group at...your school, camp, club, PTA, library, community center, healthcare center, child care center workplace or a private group of family, neighbors or friends!

"Be the Best Parent You Can Be"

 Parents - YOU are the greatest influence in your child’s life!  Create an engaging, enlightening & inspiring conversation with other like-minded parents. Gain confidence, new perspectives, strategies & approaches!  Topics may include:
* Becoming a Family - Evolving Naturally  *Alternatives to Spanking & Punishment

* Building Character & Resiliency * Outside Influences/Technology  

*Family Values & Traditions   *
Balancing Needs in a Family   *Self Care is NOT Selfish

* Discipline & Consequences   * Emotional Intelligence    
* Resolving Conflicts Peacefully

Parents as Partners - Roles & Resposibilities   * Family Dynamics & Relationships
* Fear of Failure/Perfectionism   
* Unconditional Love & Parenting
* Cooperation & Mutual Respect 
* Life Lessons Through Literature 

* Sports Teams & Your Child   * Friendships, Social Skills & Peer Pressure

* Understanding the Changing Culture & Stages of Development from Toddler to Teens

*  Bullying - At Home & School       * Siblings Without Rivalry    
*  Advocate for Your Child

* How to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen so Kids Will Talk  (for Teens too!)


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