Parenting.  Your MOST important job, yet NO training!?

Parent Life Coaching

Parent Coaching sessions are
 designed to offer parents professional support and gentle guidance while they are preparing for the birth of their first child and/or raising children of all ages.  Erika's holistic and organic approach to coaching helps moms and dads, individually, as a couple or together with their kids, to  develop a realistic vision for their unique family. We'll explore existing family dynamics and relationships, work together to create positive approaches to discipline,  effective strategies for listening, communicating, resolving conflicts, encouraging cooperation,  cultivating emotional intelligence, mindfulness and meaningful family connections.

An openness, and "shift" in mindset will encourage optimism and positive energy to flow while creating awareness of your own core temperament, set of values, beliefs and patterns of past behavior in a casual, non-judgmental setting. We will develop a trusting, ongoing working relationship.  This is a process that takes time.  Practice patience and persistence. Parenthood is a life-long journey, and one that requires support and objectivity. Your personal growth and development is an essential piece to your well-being and the success and happiness of the whole family!

Send email to: to schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation call today!  Learn more about the many ways parent coaching can help YOU!

Ready to get started?  
Take advantage of this special introductory offer:

  • Create healthier, happier relationships in your family.  
  • Connect more, communicate better and encourage cooperation. 
  • Develop a 'partnership in parenting' with your spouse.
  • Tips and tools for preventing and resolving conflicts peacefully.
  • Simplify family life and learn how to become a mindful parent.
  • Gain professional support and guidance uniquely designed for YOU!
  • Home sessions can be scheduled at a convenient time, day or evening.
One-time offer limited to NEW clients ONLY.  

You'll receive:  2 - Home Sessions (90 min) + 1 - Phone Session (45 min) + Email Support.


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